2017/ 2018

Ralitsa Ivanova - President

Petar Nedelchev - Vice President

Vasil Mitov - Local Representative

Stiliyan Slavchev - Secretary

Mariela Ivanova - Events Coordinator

Events coordinator is probably the position for the most adventurous people. It requires good organizational skills, being open-minded and of course being very patient. If you are a traveler by soul, this is your calling – your experience will be most cherished and your heart’s desires will be fed. It is challenging to be a leader, but you will grow into a professional.

My name is Mariela Ivanova and I am currently acquiring the position. My main responsibilities are the trips – national and local. I coordinate the actions needed for making a trip come true, yet I am never alone – I have the support of the entire team. Some of the main steps in the work process are: calendar and destinations are discussed, the schedule is planned, marketing and promotion, organizing means of transport, places to visit, places to stay, leaders of the trips, cost plan, etc. All these activities sound a little scary at first, but you get to grow into a habit and it feels like it is a piece of cake! I have learned a lot and I have experienced a lot, due to the position of events coordinator!



Ekaterina Ivanova - President

Vasil Mitov - Vice President

Nikolay Trichkov - Local Representative

Nikolay Trichkov - Secretary

Mariela Ivanova - Events Coordinator


2015/ 2016

Atanas Peev - President

Bilyana Marchevska - Vice President

Nikolay Trichkov - Secretary

Ekaterina Ivanova - Events Coordinator


2014/ 2015

Bilyana Marchevska - President

Atanas Peev - Vice President

Romeliya Mihtieva - Secretary

Ekaterina Ivanova - Events Coordinator


2013/ 2014




Gabriela Bahchevanova - President

Todor Todorov - Vice President

Stiliyana Staneva - Events Coordinator



Gabriela Bahchevanova - President

Doncho Georgiev - Vice President

Todor Todorov - Local Representative

Mila Mihailova - Secretary

Victoria Deneva - Events Coordinator



Zvezdomir Tsvyatkov - President

Daniela Petrova - Vice President

Aleksandra Tokadhzieva - Secretary