Tequila Bar Funky Monkey is a cocktail bar situated in the old part of the town of Veliko Turnovo. This would be the perfect place for you should you wish to enjoy an extraordinary ‘funky’ evening out with friends. Once you step through the door, you will find yourself feeling home, diving into a casual and friendly atmosphere. The bar is infamous amongst the locals with its most creative drinks that can’t be found anywhere else around. Each cocktail is being prepared with attention to the detail – from the brand alcohol, through the freshly boiled home-made herbal syrup, to the drink garnish, which we grow in our own summer garden. One sip is sufficient to sense the secret ingredient of our potions is love. If you feel passionate about a glass of high-quality good old beer though, you may not worry, we have not neglected your kind. Our place is the place with the widest selection of Bulgarian craft and Belgium beers in the former capital. Tequila bar has made sure to indulge even the most pretentious of tastes, while taking the season’s preferences into consideration. Our bar is where you could meet people with different background, both locals and tourists, however all of them united by the same purpose of enjoying themselves in a nice company. In bar Tequila we appreciate and promote not only the finest of cocktails but also the finest of music. This is why we strive to provide scene for a diversity of local music selectors and DJs at least a couple of times a month. If you are fan of funk, break beat, drum & bass and old school hip hop melodies – you should know where to find us by now. We would not be modest by saying that ours is one of the most colorful and spacious bar terraces that is being host of memorable open air parties and acoustic concerts.

Tequila Bar Funky Monkey is open Tuesday to Saturday between 17:00 and 03:00.

You can get a 10% discount off everything on the menu with your ESN card.