barTAM - 10% ...

Tequila bar Funkey Monkey - 10% ...

The book cave - 10% ...

Laundry “Wash & Dry” - 5% …

The Little Inter Hostel & Restaurant: accommodation - 10%, Restaurant - 20% (if you use acc)

The Little Inter Restaurant has a wonderful atmosphere, where you can go do your work or just relax with friends. The interior of the restaurant can make you feel like you are at home, the food is delicious and you have a big choice of soups, dishes, and sweets! The Little Inter Hostel has 5 rooms and 3 bathrooms. The rooms don’t have a private bathroom. The Little Inter Hostel & Restaurant in the old part of the city and also are near the fortress “Tsarevets”.

Your ESNcard give you 10% discount on accommodation and 20% discount in the restaurant IF YOU USE ACCOMMODATION!


HipsterBar - 10%

Hipster bar is a space that promotes cultural and social events like exhibitions, parties, performances, literature readings, debates, a place where you can read your book or just have fun with friends! Organize different cultural performance and parties! Also is a gathering point for many Bulgarian and foreign artist who live in or visit Veliko Tarnovo!

You can get a 10% discount off everything on the menu!


Hikers Hostel - 10%

A stop-station for backpackers, adventure seekers, and random travelers, the hostel is designed to provide the appropriate environment for travelogue exchange and to offer alternative travel routes. The purpose of our attempt to share travelogues in a multi-national ambiance is to broaden horizons and enrich both the novice and the experienced traveler. This initiative is designed to gather together contributors to a new vision of alternative travel and as such it will constantly be in progress...

Hikers Hostel is located in Veliko Tarnovo, the medieval capital of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and the town with the most dramatic setting in the country. Perched on several hills and the Yantra river meandering through, it seems the perfect home for Hikers Hostel.

A splendid opportunity is to enjoy the stunning spectacle ‘Sound and Light’ either from your room or the balcony, overlooking the fortress. By means of audio-visual effects, it represents episodes of the 7000-year history of Bulgaria, enlivens the fortress of Tsarevets, thus magically carrying you back to centuries gone by.

The two-story hostel is positioned in a very quiet neighborhood, in the vicinity of the most attractive area of Veliko Tarnovo – the Samovodene Marketplace which is dedicated to Bulgarian arts and crafts and is within walking distance of the town center. Towering above the terrace-like quarter, with a wondrous panoramic view of the three historic hills – Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta Gora, Hikers Hostel is the only place in town where you feel like staying forever.


You can get a 10% discount for accommodation in the hostel!


Bookstore Molivko- 5%