During our trip you will visit:

Тhe Kolyu Ficheto Museum

Nikola Fichev, mostly called Kolyu Ficheto, was born in 1880 in Dryanovo. When he was ten year old he began learning handicraft, becoming an apprentice builder. Traveling over in search for work trough the Bulgarian and Romanian areas, as well as Edirne and Istanbul, Kolyu Ficheto had been learning knack by the leading representatives of the both main Bulgarian architectural schools – from the town of Tarnovo and from the town of Bratsigovo. Because of his exceptional talent he was officially acknowledged as a young master. A few years before that, he had finally gone to Tarnovo, where he had lived till his death in 1881.

Learn more: http://www.dryanovo.com/en/obekti/kolio_ficheto.php

You will have the chance to see unique models of the bridges that he made and learn some interesting facts about his life and achievements).

The relief map of Bulgaria and the bridge over Dryanovska river

Dryanovo monastery St. Archangel Michael, Dryanovo ecopath and The bench of love


Has it ever happened to you to go somewhere and not to be able to stop taking pleasure in the view that surrounds you? Somewhere in the distance you hear the knocking of a lonely woodpecker on the bark of a tree and the sounds are dispersing in the space? The defile of the winding shallow mountainous rivers, the steep slopes covered with forests, the sky enclosed with sheer rocks, to be a serene and magnificent world, where the limestone whiteness to prevail and to merge in the shades of the greenery and the blue sky? If you have not experienced anything of the kind, then we would like to propose you a trip, which will bring you in the world of the great positive emotions. This wild nature welcomes sincerely all the tourist, decided to visit Dryanovo monastery.

See more information about the monastery here: http://www.dryanovo.com/en/manastira/

Тhe Bacho Kiro Cave

Bacho Kiro cave is located in the region of Dryanovo Monastery, in the picturesque canyon of Andaka river and Dryanovska river. It is 300 meters from the monastery "St.Arhangel Michael" in the vertical limestone cliff 25 meters high of 335 m above sea-level . It is the first electrified cave in Bulgaria, in 1938 by the tourists from Dryanovo, and it is named after the hero from the April Rebellion – Bacho Kiro in 1940. In 1962 the cave was officially declared a natural site.

The cave is a complicated, four storey labyrinth of galleries and branches around 3600 m long.

For more information about the cave: http://www.dryanovo.com/en/peshtera/



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