Arbanassi trip
14.10.2017 (Saturday)

7:40 – 8:30 – Traveling from Veliko Tarnovo to Arbanassi
Тhe buss stop is on the left side of the market. (Nikola Gabrovski str.) It goes at 8:05, so we must be there at 7:40 to be sure everyone is there and we can go. We will arrive in Arbanassi (The Fortress Kaloyan) at 8:30.

8:30 – 10:00 Hiking to Arbanassi
We will have a little walk to Arbanassi.

10:00 – 11:00 Visiting The Konstantsalieva’s house (entrance 2 lv. per person)
The house was built in the end of XVII c. and was reconstructed several times. It is an ethnographic museum in nowadays. The exposition represents the way of life of the wealthy merchants in the period of the zenith of the village XVI- XVII-th c.
The house is an example of the unique style of architecture in the village of Arbanasi – a house-fortress surrounded by high stone walls.

11:00 – 12:00 Visiting Church of the Nativity in Arbanasi (entrance 2 lv per person)
This is the earliest and the most richly decorated church in the village of Arbanasi. It was built by stages. The oldest layer of wall-paintings is from the end of XVI c. 
“The wheel of life” is the most impressive wall-painting in the gallery of the church.

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch time!!!
Everybody is free to eat where ever they want and whatever they want.

13:30 we will hike to the Horse base “Kaloyan 92”.

14:00 – 15:30 Horse riding or walk in the nature
If you want to try out horse riding, fill this form TILL 12.10.17 (Thuesday). 23:59 h: 

… and the time and prices are: 
• 10 min. - 5 lv
• 20 min. - 10 lv
• 30 min. - 15 lv
• 40 min. - 20 lv

After that you have two options:
Go back:
--> You can catch the public bus at 17:30 it will coast 1 lv.
-->You can get a taxi, it will cost around 2/3 lv. per person.

15:30 – 16:30 Visiting:The monastery "St. Nikola" and The monastery ,,The assumption (virgin Mary)"
The monastery “St. Nikola” is a complex consisting of a church, Bulgarian Renaissance Arbanassi houses and a chapel.
The monastery ,,The assumption (virgin Mary)" could have existed before the fall of Bulgaria under Turkish domination when it was destroyed. Restored in the XVII c and in 1680 was built the church, which is preserved today. The iconostasis of the church dates from 1867. There are also many icons from the XVII and XVIII among which the miraculous ,,The Three-handed Holy Virgin" in silver casing.

16:30 - 17:15 Free time to explore village of Arbanassi
(We will give you maps to go where you want and visit the museums and the monasteries.)
It is known that the village existed during the time of the Second Bulgarian State (1185 - 1393). At that time the Bolyari living in the capital Tarnovo used it as a summer residence. According to legend, the Tsar of Tarnovo minted coins here.
Characteristic of the houses in Arbanasi is that because of the way they were built, it was possible to remain inside for long periods without going out, except to the well in the courtyard for water.

17:30 – 17:55 Departure from Arbanassi and arrival in Veliko Tarnovo

We will go back home with the public bus at 17:30, we must be at the bus stop at around 17:20 the latest!!
--> The bus will cost 1 lv.
-->You can get a taxi, it will cost around 2/3 lv. per person (for 3 or 4 people)


Information for Arbanassi and the historical monuments: 

Horse base:Конна-база-Калоян-92-с-Арбанаси_l.sp_i.177456.html

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Villiage of Arbanassi