ESN trip to Tryavna!
Hello there beautiful people! Time for one of the last trips from ESN Veliko Turnovo . This time we are going to visit the old town Tryavna in central Bulgaria, situated in the north slopes of the Balkan range, on the Tryavna river valley, near Gabrovo. It is famous for its textile industry and typical National Revival architecture, featuring 140 cultural monuments, museums and expositions. Tryavna is the birthplace of Bulgarian writer Pencho Slaveykov and revolutionary Angel Kanchev. The village was founded as early as the Thracian Era. However, the first documents of its existence date back to the 12th century. During Ottoman Bulgaria period locals defended the pass and enjoyed privilege...s for this reason. Only Bulgarians lived in the town;. During the period of Bulgarian National Revival, the town was heavily involved in the development of crafts. Houses from this period feature their own architectural design. The ground floors had irregular forms and housed craftsmen and traders. The upper floors featured wooden bow-windows, the roofs were covered with well arranged rocks.
You will have the chance to go around this beautiful place, see a wood carving demonstration and many more things to enjoy.
It will be a short trip and will take only a small part of your busy days. It's better if you take your students cards with you :)
-3,20 lv.
-The museum taxes and the demonstration
Does not include :
-Transport (train)
-Additional activities
Program !
Train leaves at 8:52 , so please be there 8:30 the latest.
Everybody will take their own ticket for the train, depending if you have a card or not. The price with card is 1,50 lv. and without is 3 lv. If there are 3 or more people without cards you can take tickets as a small group and like that it will cost 2,60lv. per person.
9:41 – Arrival in Tryavna
10:00 – We go to the Museum of Asian and African art.Showing over 200 exhibits from Nepal, Tibet, China, India and some African countries dating from II-XX century
10:40 – Museum “The old school” – Built between year 1836 and year 1839; one of the first secular schools in Bulgaria; also known as the Slaveykov School.
11:40 – The Clock tower in the town square Captain Dyado Nikola
12:00 – Museum “Daskalova house” –With the incredible carved ceilings-suns of master Dimitar Oshanetsa and journeyman Ivan Bochukovetsa. The woodcarving demonstration will take place in this museum.
13:00 – Lunch time!

After this you will have the choice either to stay in Tryavna and go around more, or to catch the train at 15:23 (prices are the same as the one on the way to the town)
Next train leaves at 18:39
The price for it is 2,05 lv. with card; 4,10 lv. without and 3, 50 for a small group.
13/05/2017 - 08:30 to 16:30
3,20 leva
  • Everyone is invited.