Veliko Tarnovo, the medieval capital of Bulgaria, is brought to you with more than 7000 years of history. The houses, stacked one above the other, situated on the slopy hills of the town show a remarkable, unique architectural style. The bridges, unexpectedly flying over the river, palaces and towers, spectacular museums, ancient columns with writings left by our proud rulers, monasteries with unique murals and the Arbanassi fortress-houses.

The nights are filled with the constant voice of the river, the glitters and dazed lights, playing on the fairy face of the town and the noise of the energy-filled stormy student's life.

From its rich historical value to its thriving modern nightlife and lush natural surroundings that provide many excellent opportunities for outdoor recreational activities, Veliko Tarnovo offers you everything you could ever want for the perfect holiday.


Nowadays, Veliko Turnovo is an administrative, cultural, historical and tourist center of Bulgaria. The city is a geographical and communication center of the Northern Bulgaria and is also a center of one of the 28 administrative districts of the country. The district of Veliko Turnovo is 4662 sq. km. in size and includes 10 municipalities with 14 towns/cities and 322 villages. The population is about 295 000 people.

The population of the city of Veliko Turnovo alone about 65 000 people, but with the students of “St St Cyril and Methodius” University (second biggest in the country) and the “Vasil Levski” National Military University added, the population increases by about 12 000.

The location, the good climate, the natural resources, historical heritage and preserved architecture, and the preservation and development of the traditional arts and crafts give Veliko Turnovo even better prospects for future development. Veliko Turnovo is an important landmark for Bulgaria, and the statistics show that the city and its region are in the top ten of the most visited tourist destinations in Eastern Europe.

In 2009 Veliko Turnovo was awarded the title "Balkan capital of cultural tourism". This happened at a ceremony in Belgrade, where the 47th Congress of the International Hotel and Restaurants Association was held.

Today under the motto "Veliko Turnovo: The Soul of Bulgaria, the spirit of Europe" the city proudly competes as a candidate for European capital of culture 2019.


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